P.E. Theory 44A                                   Instructor: Diane Rudy

Fitness Center Lab                                Phone: 408-741-4032

West Valley College                               Email: diane_rudy@wvm.edu

                                                      Office hours: MW, 12:30 - 1:30               

Course Syllabus


Units 1.0, Credit no Credit Only


The Fitness Center Lab is an optional 1 unit laboratory to accompany the  P.E. 44 Lifetime Fitness lecture course. Taking this course at the same time as the lecture course will allow you to apply the fitness, endurance, and flexibility skills in a fitness center setting.  This will also help you and improve your body composition and muscle strength and tone.


This is three-hour a week lab activity. Students are encouraged to attend  Friday mornings between 9:30 and 12:30 or Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:20- 10:45 and other times with instructor approval.


The laboratory portion of the class will allow you to develop cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and improve your body composition through the development of an exercise program based on your personal fitness assessment results. This class meets in PE 9 (Weight Training Facility).



Active participation is required in this class in order to receive credit for this class. You must average a minimum of two hours a week. You must check in and check out during each visit using the computer “log in System”. This will keep track of your days and time of attendance and determine if credit has been earned by the end of the semester. Students must log in at least 30 hours to receive credit.


Fitness Center Rules

- You must wear proper clothing in order to use the the Fitness Center.  Shirts shorts or sweats, and closed toe athletic shoes are required. If you come dressed in street clothes, you will be asked to leave.

- A towel, which must be with you at all times, is required of each student every time you come to the weight room.  West Valley College does not provide towels.

- Each piece of equipment must be wiped down after use.

- Food and drink (with the exception of water bottles with sport tops) will not be allowed in the work out area.

- West Valley College is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.  Please leave all valuables at, home, in your car, or locked in a locker.

- All equipment must be used in a safe manner. If you are found to be using the equipment in an unsafe manner, you will be asked to leave and may be dropped from the class

- Immediately report ANY injuries to the instructor.

- If you notice any equipment that is damaged or not working, please let the instructor know so that we can have it repaired as quickly as possible..

- The minimum number of minutes for each workout that will count toward your 54 hours is 32 and the maximum is 120..  No more than 2 visits per day count.

- All workouts must occur in the Fitness Center, However, you may use up to 30 minutes on the track, but only with prior approval from the laboratory supervisor.