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1.  Will I need a text for this class?

Yes. The text is Criminal Justice in Action: The Core, 7th edition by Gaines and Miller.  If you obtain the text at the West Valley Bookstore it may come packaged with a free California supplemental booklet or CD.  This booklet and CD are not required or used during the course.  As long as you have the text, you are ready for class.

2.  Where can I purchase the required text?

You may obtain the text from any vendor. I've listed a few to help in your purchase. The West Valley College Bookstore will ship orders if you call them at 408 741-2015.  If you order from a different vendor please be sure you get only the 7th edition.  There are a lot of older editions still on the shelves, even in the West Valley Bookstore!

        West Valley College Bookstore     CengageBrain

3.  Can I complete the assignments at any time.

No, although this class is taught via the internet it is not self-paced.  Like the classroom, there are deadlines for assignments and e-homework to be submitted.  All assignments are posted on Monday and are due the following Sunday by 5:00 PM (PST).

4.  Do my college transcripts reflect that I took a class in a distance learning format.

No.  There is no difference between a class taken on campus or via distance learning. The California Community College Chancellor's Office has developed an administrative policy that requires all online classes meet the same requirements as any on-campus class.  Your transcripts will not reflect whether you took a class on-ground or online.

5.  What kind of technical skills and equipment do I need to be successful in an online class.

You must have a computer with internet access and an email address.  I recommend high speed access. The chapter PowerPoint presentations are best viewed in Internet Explorer.  You must be able to view .wmv video format.  There are numerous video presentations in this class. 

6.  Is there a course syllabus for this class?

Yes, click here for the online version.

7.  Are there any specific times and/or dates that I must be online?

No, with the exception of the last week of class, all assignments are posted on Monday and are due by 5 PM (PST) Sunday of the following week.  As long as you check the class website on a weekly basis and watch for newly posted assignments and announcements, you have no other "online" obligations. 

Because this is a distance learning class it's very important that you have the self-discipline to stay up with the class assignments.  You must submit your assignments by the date and time due.  No late assignments are accepted.  You must check the specific class calendar to see when the assignments are due for the final week of class.

8.  If I no longer participate in class activities or complete the assignments will the instructor automatically drop me from the class.

No.  It is the responsibility of the student to contact Admissions and Records and officially drop from the course.  This is a very important question because failing to drop the class will result in an F grade at the end of the semester.

9.  Where can I find out more information about taking a class online?

You should go to the College Orientation Website.  This site contains an abundance of resources to assist you in successfully completing your online classes.  It is best to start at the top then work your way down the menu items.  You might also want to download and print the student manual for future reference.

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