ADMJ 001 Online

Introduction to the Administration of Justice
Course Syllabus



: Jim Smith






Required Text

: Criminal Justice in Action: The Core, 9th edition by Gaines-Miller



The history and philosophy of administration of justice in America; recapitulation of the system; identifying the various subsystems, role expectations, and their interrelationships; theories of crime punishment, and rehabilitation' ethics, education and training for professionalism in the system.


  • To provide a knowledge of the various agencies encompassing the administration of justice system and the inter-relationships between them.
  • To develop the ability of the student to recognize the administration of justice agency best suited to his or her talents and aspirations.
  • To develop an appreciation of the complexity of the criminal justice system and the many sub-systems that supports its overall effectiveness.


  • The student completing this course of instruction will be able to demonstrate his knowledge of the evolution of the administration of justice system, it's objectives, role expectations, and trends through class participation and written examinations.
  • Completion of this course of instruction will develop an awareness of the crime problem. The student will demonstrate his knowledge of causal theories, criminal behavior, and the implications of crime statistics thorough written examination.
  • Instruction shall provide the student with an overview of the organization and operation of administration of justice agencies. The student may be required to demonstrate his knowledge of the various agency organizational structures through oral presentation or written examination.
  • The student completing this course of instruction will develop an appreciation of education, training, and professionalism in the administration of justice system. Competency in this area may be demonstrated thorough class participation and individual research projects.




1. Written Examinations

Point Value



A. Syllabus Quiz




B. Autobiography Posting (including two replies to other postings)




C. Fourteen Chapter Quizzes(Handouts/PowerPoint/Text)




Chapter 1 Criminal Justice Today



Chapter 2 Measuring and Explaining Crime



Chapter 3 Inside Criminal Law



Chapter 4 Law Enforcement Today



Chapter 5 Challenges to Effective Policing



Chapter 6 Police and the Constitution: The Rules of Law Enforcement



Chapter 7 Courts and the Quest for Justice



Chapter 8 Pretrial Procedures and the Criminal Trial



Chapter 9 Punishment and Sentencing



Chapter 10 Probation and Community Corrections



Chapter 11 Prisons and Jails



Chapter 12    Behind Bars: The Life of an Inmate



Chapter 13 The Juvenile Justice System



Chapter 14 Homeland Security and Cyber Crime




D. Final Examination (Comprehensive)



All final questions will be taken from the chapter quiz questions. 




2. Homework


A. 3 Chapter Assignments @ 50 Points Each



B. 11 Chapter Assignments @ 25 Points Each




Total Points Possible (Excluding Extra Credit)


3. Grading Evaluation (Final Grade)


765 - 850 = A

680 - 764 = B

595 - 679 = C


510 - 594 = D

000 - 509 = F





Items of Interest






  • Absolutely no homework or assignments will be accepted during the week of the final exam (summer or condensed classes excepted). This may not be the same week as the classroom schedule, it is the week when the final is posted for this online class.

  • The last week of this course usually ends earlier than the regular classroom schedule.  This allows time to trouble shoot any possible technical problems that may occur prior to the submission of final grades. You must complete and submit the final exam before the deadline.  I can't stress enough that you must follow the class calendar of due dates.  Past students that didn't read the syllabus, this notice, or just forgot, were very disappointed when they learned they missed the final and had to settle for a lower grade than they could have earned. There is a link to the class calendar under the class content tab of the homepage.

  • The college policy on plagiarism and classroom dishonesty is strictly enforced in this class.  If you submit work that is not your own, you will be dropped from the class.

  • There will be no extra credit. Please do not inquire. All students will be assessed equally based upon the established course requirements.