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     There are many resources on the web that will aid your studies in biology. Most of the instructors in the Biology 10 classes provide support on the web in the form of study guides/outlines as well as other useful material. In addition, make sure to take advantage of the resources provided by the publisher of your text. A web site has been built by the publisher to support your studies. Registration information (login and password) is located on the first few pages of your text. There are many other resources available on the web(click on each of the pictures above to access them). They include chapter reviews, flash cards, quizzes, animations as well as numerous links to different sites They will help you to review the material and to understand the biological concepts you are learning throughout the semester.  Use these resources to enhance your learning experience. 

General Biology Links:

Biodiversity: Genetics: Microbes: Marine Biology: California:
  • California Flora and Fauna: Numerous links to sites with information about the flora and fauna, as well as environmental issues, in the state of California.
Plants: Animals:

Online News in Biology and Other Sciences:
New York Times
Learning and Studying:
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Biology 10 Lab - More Information
Laboratory Schedule
 Bio 10 Sections/Instructors

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