Rainforest Opportunities

Although I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to live and work with some amazing people in some amazing places, these opportunities exist for any enterprising and interested individual. I have included a few links here to some of the organizations and companies that I have worked for or worked with.

Volunteer Opportunities in the Tropics

Genesis 2 Cloudforest Preserve - Costa Rica        Steve an Paula Friedman, Conservation work,

Yanayacu Biological Research Station - Ecuador    Harold Greeney - Entomological and Biological Research

Picaflor Research Station - Tambopata, Peru        Laurel Hanna - Rainforest Research

Jatun Sacha - Three sites in Ecuador                    Conservation and Research project

Tandayapa Lodge in Ecuador                               Birdwatching and bird studies

Work Opportunities

Sacha Lodge - Napo, Ecuador            Bilingual Rainforest Guide,


Tambopata Reseve Peru                    Resident Naturalist