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button graphic Who can benefit?
  All people with physical limitations need exercise to keep the body healthy, working to full capacity and challenging limits that have been set.


button graphic Who is eligible for the program?
  All persons aged 16 and up, with a physical limitation (the oldest so far is 96 and we are still trying to challenge the record) who want to learn how to exercise properly, workout safely within their own individual physical challenges, and be able to identify common exercises that may be potentially harmful if done.

Limitations may be temporary or permanent. A West Valley College Doctor's Disability Verification will be requested to be signed by the student's doctor. To expedite the process please request the verification be sent to you from the DESP office.

Guidance for selecting an Adapted PE class is given through the Disability & Educational Support Program (DESP) at (408)741-2010 or the Adapted Physical-Education Coordinator at (408) 741-2420.

The Adapted Physical Education Department offers classes that enable the physically challenged to reach their own fitness and conditioning goals in a safe and supportive environment. The following classes are generally offered throughout the year.


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button graphic Achievement Paths beyond health benefits
  Adapted PE classes fulfill elective requirements for West Valley's Associate degree and transfer credits toward bachelor degrees. 


button graphic List of Forms for Admission


  1. Application For Admission 

  2. Doctor's Disability Verification 

  3. Student Emergency Information 

  4. Disability & Educational Support Program (DESP) intake booklet


  1. Board of Governors Waiver (BOGW) 


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