Ottavia Apartment Complex

Project manager for the planning of three residential buildings erected at Ottavia, Rome (Zone Plan 72 Division R2P). The buildings consisted of 164 apartments of 60,000 cubic meters (equivalent of 21,000,000 cubic feet).

15th Century Santa Maria in Via Lata Church

Produced drawings including: floor plans, sections, facades, details of altars, pavement, and campanile. Responsible for constructive details, historical research, and specifications, required to uncover the restoration plan.

17th Century Palazzo del Grillo

In charge of restoration of the facades of the historic 17th Century "Grillo Palace," located at 5 Grillo Square in Rome. Performed historical research, architectural survey, and constructive details. Supervised the calcimining of the facades.

19 Century San Gioacchino ai Prati di Castello Church

Part of a team of architects for the restoration of the dome of the historic 19th Century “San Gioacchino in Prati” Church in Rome. Work included architectural survey of the plans, and sections of the dome, as well as the constructive details and historical research required to uncover the restoration project.

12 Century Sant´Agata dei Goti Church

In charge of architectural survey and historical research for the restoration of the historic 12th Century "Sant´Agata dei Goti Church. Survey included the historical stratification of external facades, the wood-painted 17th Century coffered ceiling, and the constructive details required to uncover the restoration.

18th Century Hayloft at the Villa Doria Pamphilj Park

Managed the project of transforming the hayloft into a tavern. Performed planning, supervision, site survey, cost estimation, and accounting. Implemented subsequent reinforcement of the foundations, consolidation of the walls, reconstruction of the roof, and interior design.

19th Century Building at Via Carlo Emanuele I Street

In charge of the renovation and interior design at the historic sites of 24 Sant´Agata dei Goti Street (17th Century), 49 Manzoni Avenue (19th Century), 47 Carlo Emanuele I Street (19th Century), and 75 Francesco Albergotti Street. Responsible for the planning, supervision, site survey, cost estimation, and accounting. Implemented subsequent consolidation of structures and internal design.

Interior Design of Casa Ceccarelli

Project manager and supervisor for remodeling project & interior design.