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Art 1A: Art History - Online

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This distance learning course is conducted completely via e-mail, the Internet, through the U.S. Mail, and by telephone communication. The primary mode of instruction is through e-mail and Internet connection. You are expected to communicate with your instructor and other classmates through specific assignments. Most of your work, however, is done on your own through reading assignments and accompanying lecture materials.

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Content Overview

Studying art history online is a new and exciting way to consider art. In this course you will be introduced to the general styles and concepts in Western Art from the Prehistory through the Middle Ages in Europe. You will learn about the life and times of many well known cultures. Some of the works that may be familiar to you are: The Egyptian pyramids, The Parthenon in Greece, The Coliseum in Rome, and the mediaeval cathedrals in Western Europe. Within the course materials on WebCT, you will find links to important locations to Western art; enjoy!

This course is unlike other college courses you may have taken. Survey of Western Art 1A Online consists of a physical book you are required to buy, plus the WebCT site and all the materials on it. You participate by reading the required text, checking your email on WebCT for messages from me, completing the weekly assignment and taking a weekly quiz.

Read a lot; complete the weekly assignments; learn a lot. It's worth stating again that there's no real-time component, no time of day when you have to be on-line. But you cannot drop out for a week or weeks at a time, either. If you miss a week of participation, you can't make it up--that's just time and points lost. Being in this class is every bit as time-consuming as any other class; it's just that you get to decide which hours you'll spend. 

Survey of Western Art 1A Online has no on campus meetings. All instruction takes place online. Click on the Syllabus link for specific information .

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Grove Dictionary of Art Online

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