Biology of Sex
Biology 055

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Tips for Success
Battle of the Sexes
Natural Selection Reading
Evidence for Evolution Reading
Fox Domestication Experiment
Virgin Birth Reading
Passion's Logic The Evolution of Sex
Why Sex Persists
The Trillions of Microbes That Call Us Home
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Study Guide 2
Study Guide 3
Hormone reference flowchart
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Final cumulative portion study guide

Study Guides
Natural Selection, Evolution, Sex & Species
What is sex
Why Sex?
Bacteria Sex
Sex Differences
Sex conflict
Sexual Selection
Intrasexual Selection


Butterfly & Prairie Vole reading assignment from "Battle of Sexes"
Natural Selection & Evidence of Evolution Reading assignments
Virgin Birth assignment
Why Sex reading assignment
Trillions of Microbes assignment
Breasts & Other Curves
Breasts & Other Curves assignment
Paper & Presentation
Preliminary Topic
Bibliography Review

Gastropod- Cannibalism
1Pg of notes and 1/2 pg personal reflection

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