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Lab 1  - Introduction
Lab 2 - 
Cells & Microscopy
Safety Information Syllabus Quiz (pdf)
Due: Sept. 6th

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9/13/18 Powerpoint presentation: Integument
Powerpoint presentation: Supportive Connective tissues
Powerpoint presentation : Connective tissues:
Powerpoint presentation for Epithelial tissue: This can be a helpful aide in studying for the epithelial histology
8/12/18 Welcome to Biology 47 - Human Anatomy Laboratory

Welcome to Human Anatomy - Biology 47!  You are about to begin an exciting and wondrous adventure into the structure of the human body.  It will undoubtedly be a journey filled with amazing observations.  There will be much to learn with an investment of a lot of time, energy and effort in this process.  For many of you this course will begin the foundation for your careers in the Health Care Field.  As such, the material will need to be learned, not merely memorized.  Learning requires a high level of understanding and will allow you to not only know information BUT more importantly be able to apply your knowledge.  The ability to do so will extend the value of this course will far beyond the boundaries of your transcript, into your careers and lives.

Lab is an extremely important component of this course.  For many of you it will be where you will have the amazing opportunity and privilege to see and handle human material, both skeletal and cadaver.  Your hands on exposure to human materials is an invaluable experience that many of you would not get anywhere else! 

If you are not enrolled or haven't had a chance to get to the bookstore you can down load the first two labs Above:

PowerPoint Lectures to review Lab slides:
1. Epithelial Tissue
2. Connective Tissue: CT Proper
3. Connective Tissue: CT Supportive
4. Integument
1/17/17 Acland's Video Atlas : GREAT DVD Series of Cadaver Dissections!

1/17/17 Great portable App!
Visual body: 3-D animations, click identification, quizzes, medical information, pronunciation guide

1/22/09 Lab One - Introduction to Anatomy (pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Two - Cytology & Microscope (pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Three - Histology (pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Four - Histology (pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Five - Integument (pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Six- Skull (pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Seven- Axial Skeleton (pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Eight- Appendicular Skeleton (Upper extremity) (pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Nine- Appendicular Skeleton (Lower extremity) (pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Ten- Articulations (pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Eleven- Muscle (pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Twelve- Muscle (pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Thirteen Muscle (pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Fourteen- Muscle (pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Fifteen- Digestive(pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Sixteen- Digestive(pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Seventeen Urinary (pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Eighteen Reproductive (Male) (pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab NineteenReproductive (Female) (pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Twenty Cardiovascular (pdf.)
1/22/09 Lab Twenty one Cardiovascular (pdf.)
5/19/11 Lab Twenty two Cardiovascular (pdf.)
Lab Twenty three Nervous System (pdf.)
Lab Twenty four Nervous System (pdf.)
Lab Twenty five Special Senses (pdf.)

1/22/09 Acland's DVD Anatomy Atlas - Excellent Cadaver Videos

There are VHS tapes on reserve in the library at the Audio Visual desk.
Purchase: Lippincott, Williams, Wilkins.
or from another vendor :   Applam

1/22/09 Respiratory System 

1/22/09 Interactive labeling and surgical videos or Open heart surgery

Respiratory & Cardiovascular: HABITS OF THE HEART

1/22/09 Muscular System: Good link for Cadaver Photos!!  Has more than you will need to kow, but will be a good reference for many of the muscles. 
1/22/09 Cadaver Dissection videos: For anyone interrested in viewing cadaver dissection or reviewing cadaver tissue, Maninder found a great dissectionside with an audio track to accompany the dissection.

University of Michigan Medical School Anatomy link

1/22/09 GREAT website for ANATOMY: Wonderful study tool (Thanks to Charlotte and the Penn State Anatomy program). 

You can print out images for flash cards.

1/22/09 Gray's Anatomy Reference Site : 
10/26/09 Respiratory System : Nice Web site with Quizzes
1/22/09 Quizzes & Reference material : Web Anatomy
1/22/09 Quizzes : Cadaver Photos
1/22/09 Interactive Anatomy Site : Inner Body
1/22/09 Tissues : Lakeland College
1/22/09 Tissues : Connective Tissue Quiz
1/22/09 Histology: Game Show
1/22/09 Epithelial Tissue Quiz
1/22/09 Tissues : Hisology slides (Epithelial, Connective, Muscle)
1/22/09 Histology Practicle quiz
1/22/09 Skull Quiz : Get Smart Body
1/22/09 Skull Quiz : Jefferson Davis Campus
1/22/09 Collection of Anatomy and Physiology Websites
1/22/09 Histology Quiz
1/22/09 Joints / Articulations : GREAT SITE (Ithaca College)
1/22/09 Digestive Histology
Journals Sites :  Good Reference Web Sites
Great Sites for Physiology / Anatomy  


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