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Christine Peters Christine Peters-Stanton
Instructor of Biology
Biology Department 
West Valley Community College 

Office: SM 55G 
Phone: (408) 741-2626
Courses Taught at West Valley College
  • Biology 10 - Introduction to Biology
  • Biology 11 - Human Biology
  • Biology 47 - Human Anatomy
  • Biology 48 - Human Physiology
  • Biology 50- Human Cadaver Dissection
  • Biology 91 - Directed Studies
  •  Office Hours : Spring 2019
    • M 10:45am - 12:45pm; W 10:45am - 11:45am; SM55G
    • Or Friday by appt: Call or email
    • BS: Biology ; University of California, Riverside
    • MS: Physiology; University of California, Riverside Biomedical Sciences
    • Walden University; Continued graduate level courses

    Spring 2019

    Teaching Assignment:
    Human Physiology - Biology 48
        Lec : TTh 7:45 - 9:10 (SM36)
        Lab (32892): TTh 9:20 - 12:30am (SM52)
        Lab (32893) : TTh 12:50pm - 4:00pm (SM52)
    General Biology - Biology 10 Lecture 

                 Lec 32853: MW  9:20am - 10:45am (SM36)


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