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Grades Posted Above:
Exam 2 Course Average : 74%
Average Overall Course Average: 74%
Exam II: 10/24/18
Covers Lecs: 5 - 12 (NOT including Lec 7) : Photosynthesis, Cell Respiration, Protein Synthesis, Cell Division, Inheritance

Homework #2: Due Oct. 24th

Biology  10 : Lecture Homework #2

1. Find a youtube clip covering concept of Photosynthesis.
     After watching the clip:
       a. Describe the overall importance of photosynthesis to photosynthetic

organisms.  What are the ingredients of photosynthesis? What is the goal

of photosynthesis?
       b. Describe briefly the "light" and "dark" reactions; What is the goal of the

light reactions, what is the goal of the dark reactions

2.  Find a youtube clip covering concept of Cellular Respiration.
     After watching the clip:
       a. Describe the overall importance of cellular respiration to ALL organisms. 

What are the ingredients of cellular respiration? What is the goal of

cellular respiration?
       b. What are the three reactions of Cellular Respiration?

  c. What are the primary differences between Aerobic cellular respiration and

Anaerobic cellular respiration: Which is more effective, Where does

each occur, Which process uses the mitochondria, Which produces toxic

“waste” products

d. Which organic molecule can only be used anaerobically?  Sugars, Fats,

or Proteins?

3. Find a youtube clip covering basics of the transcription.
     After watching the clip:
       a. Describe the overall process of transcription. 
       b. Transcribe the DNA strand of ACGTACCTACGTCCAGTA

4. Find a youtube clip covering basics of the translation.
     After watching the clip:
       a. Describe the overall process of translation 
       b. Transcribe the mRNA strand of created in #3.

5. Find a youtube clip covering basics of the mitosis and meiosis.
     After watching the clip:
       a. Using only 4 chromosomes draw out the process of mitosis.  Label the

stages of each.
       b. Using only 4 chromosomes draw out the process of meiosis.  Label the

stages of each.


6. Find a youtube clip covering concept of Basics of inheritance: (Mendelian Inheritance).
     After watching the clip:
       a. Define: gene, allele, dominant, recessive, heterozygous, homozygous,

genotype and phenotype
       b. Using any gene of your choosing: use a punnent square to show the

possible gene combination that could happen is both parents are

heterozygous for the gene you choose.

Grades posted above:
Average Exam grade: 76%
Overall course grade 75%
Syllabus Quiz: Many students have not turned in their syllabus quizzes.  If you are one of these students be sure you turn them in BEFORE the exam on Wednesday.
Exam I: Sept 26th (Wednesday)
Covers lectures 1 - 4 : Exam will have multiple choice questions, Fill in answers and short paragraph answers

Homework due the day of the exam. Please bring a scanton (half sheet 1 - 100 questions) and a pencil

Biology 10 : Lecture Homework #1 (Questions 1 - 6)   Due the day of the exam (Wednesday - Sept 26th)

For each youtube clip please provide the URL with your homework

1. Find a youtube or other video clip covering the characteristics that are used to define life
After watching the clip:
          A. list or describe the qualities that define living organisms. 

          B. Explain why the virus is not considered to be alive (just yet).

2. Find a youtube or other video clip covering atomic structure After watching the clip : draw the Bohr diagram for                     nitrogen.

3. Find a youtube or other video clip covering the structure and properties of water.  After watching the clip :

A. draw a water molecules: indicate it’s slight positive and negative charges

B. explain why water is described as a polar molecule

C. draw a diagram sowing how water would dissolve and separate salt (NaCl) into Na+ ions and Cl- ions.

4. Find a youtube or other video clip covering kinetic and potential energy: After watching the clip : define energy and the
describe the difference between kinetic and potential energy
5. Find a youtube or other video clip covering diffusion and osmosis.

A. Define diffusion

B. Define osmosis

C. Give an example of each occurring.

6. Find a youtube or other video clip on cell structure: After viewing the clip : draw a general cell with the main organelles.                  Label the organelles.

Welcome to Biology 10 - General Biology!

3 units , Laboratory: 1 unit .
Lecture 3 hours; Laboratory 3 hours
Prerequisite: None 
Recommended preparation: Math 902, Library 4 (Information Competency) 
Acceptable for credit: University of California, California State University
Introductory course designed for non-science majors.  Emphasis is placed on the fundamental process of life, including the structure and function of cells, plants, animals, human systems; genetics; evolution; diversity and ecology.

Note : Bio10 is NOT open to students who have completed Bio11 (Human Biology) with a C or better.  Bio 10 and Bio11 meet the same educational requirements.  Students will receive only unit but not grade credit if they have already taken Bio11.

8/10/18 Class starts Aug. 27th:  Be sure to show up the first day of Bio10 Lecture (Monday Aug. 27th) AND LAB (day depends on section). Anyone that misses the first day of class will be automatically dropped to allow other students an opportunity to add. 

Things to do to get a head start :

1. Ready over Syllabus : You can down load a printable version of the Syllabus (pdf.).

2. Read over the Lab Safety Information at the beginning of lab manual.

3. Take the Syllabus Quiz : Down load the quiz (Syllabus Quiz (pdf)and answer the questions on a separate scantron (882) after reading the syllabus.  The syllabus quiz scantron is due Wednesday Sept. 5th at the beginning of class.

ADDING the Lecture Class: If you would like to ADD show up the first day of class and I will add your name to my wait list but you will only be officially added when you show me your lab add code and I give you a lecture add code to add on line.

Make getting into a lab a priority.I will only ADD students that are registered in a lab section (or have previously taken and successfully passed lab.    There is plenty of space in lecture (this is not a problem),  it is the lab which may have a constraint on enrollment.

To add a lab you can : 
1. Show up to the beginning of any  available lab section.  any open seats can be assigned to prospective students
2. Contact the instructor ahead of time.  They may be willing to add you to their role sheet is space is available.

Purchasing Course Books: Several options are available to you: 

Required Texts : 

a. Campbell Essential Biology with Physiology, Pearson

1. Viking Bookstore  : West Valley Campus Bookstore: You can Purchase all of the books listed in the syllabus directly from the bookstore located  on West Valley campus. The bookstore also provides an online service ( so that you can reserve books & pick them up later or make arrangements for home delivery.   Unfortunately the laboratory manual can only be ordered from the campus bookstore.  It should be available one week before classes start.

2. Online Ordering : For ordering all materials except the laboratory manual.  Since the prices of texts books is definitely a concern you may want to look into purchasing textbooks from a less expensive internet vendor.  The only concern is how long it will take to deliver the text.  If you choose to order from an internet site and your text does not arrive when classes start you can keep up with the required reading by using the text on reserve in the library.   or
 If you have knowledge of any other sources please let me know (email: Christine

3. WVC Library (Reserve Desk) : The Library's reserve desk will have one copy of the current text book which can be checked out for 2 hour blocks of time.  Do not wait until the last minute to do your reading since others may also be relying on the reserve text for their reading.  The library is open M - Th 8:00am - 7:30pm , F 8:00 - 12 noon, Sat noon - 4:00   (408) 741-2029

PLEASE PURCHASE LAB MANUAL FOR THE SECOND LAB (Lab one will be provided to you in the first weeks lab)

Accommodations for a Disability: West Valley College strives to make all learning experiences as accessible as possible. If you anticipate or experience academic barriers based on your disability (including  permanent disabilities or chronic or temporary medical conditions), please let me know immediately so that we can privately discuss options.  You are also welcome to register with the Disability and Educational Support Program to establish reasonable accommodations.  After registration, DESP will notify me of your approved accommodations.
DESP contact information: The DESP office is located in the LS building; their phone number is (408) 741-2010 (voice) or (408) 741-2658 (TTY). Information about their services can be found at

HELP : Tutoring available through the WVC tutorial services: Chick here for drop in tutoring schedules
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