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Down Loadable Documents:
Course Syllabus
Lab Safety Sheet
Syllabus Quiz (due Sept. 7th)
Chemistry Worksheet (optional)
Chemistry Worksheet Answers
Oral Presentation Guidelines
Oral Presentation Grading Rubric
Using PubMed Instructions

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Fluid Balance Data: Lab 20b
Final Exam :
1. Dec 14th (Thursday) : AM lab 7:30 - 9:30 (plus 1 hour if needed)   PM lab : 11:50 - 1:50 (plus one hour if needed)
Final: 65% New material (Lec 17 - 24, Labs 18, 19, 20a &b, 21) ; 35% review material
3. Homework 4 and Lab 20b due Dec. 14th
4. Review session: Tuesday Dec 12th  11 - 1:00 (SM58)
Exam III: Thursday 11/16/17
Covers Lectures 11 - 16
   Labs : 12, 14, 15, 16, 17
Homework3 posted above: due day of the exam 11/16/17
Exam II Grades posted above:
Class Average: 87%
Overall Course Average 87%
Lab 16: Electrocardiogram
Due date moved to Thursday 11/16 (day of Exam III)
Lab 12: Neurophysiology Action Potential  
Due date moved to Tuesday Nov. 7th
Exam II: Oct 24th
Lecture: Lecs 5 - 10 (Cellular respiration - muscle metabolism)
Labs: Labs 9 , 10, 13, 11

Note: Review lab on Thursday 10/19 (Muscle lab 10 - due)
Homework 2 Posted Above: Due day of exam 2 (Oct. 24th)
Muscle Lab: Lab10; Sample nerve data
Oral Presentations: 11/ 28th and 11/30
In anticipation of the upcoming oral presentations we will review the requirements/expectations of the assignment.  In addition a presentation sign up sheet will be posted for students to secure their day and topic.  See handouts posted above for oral presentation details.
Laboratory Schedule Change:
Lab 14 Hematology moved to Oct 26th
Lab 15 Hematology II moved to Oct 31
Lab 16 ECG moved to Nov. 11

In preparation for the Hematology labs: Students can have their blood drawn in the campus health center on Oct. 25th (morning lab) or Oct. 26th (afternoon lab).  A schedule will be posted to sign up for a time slot for the blood drawn the beginning of Oct.

Exam #1: Sept 26th

Homework #1 and Lab 5 due the day of the exam
Lecture material covered: lectures 1 - 5
Labs 1 - 6
Homework #1: Posted above
Homework due Sept 26th
Tuesday lab - POT LUCK
We will be doing a nutrition lab, but we will also have a pot luck.  This is an opportunity to evaluate your diet and nutrition but to also decompress and share food with your class mates.
Please bring a dish to share with your classmates =0)`

The bio department will provide plates, napkins, a microwave, refrigerator, and a drinks (apple juice).
Lab 5 - Summary Class Data (Enzymes)
Lab 5 is due 9/26/17
You need to complete the graph for ALL five of the test groups.  You may use your own data or use class data.  You will at least need to use class data for the experimental run (temp or pH) that your group did not do.
Answer all of the questions on the last page of lab 5.
Lab 4 - Summary Class Data (Bioenergetics)
Lab 3 - Summary Class Data (Organic Molecules)
Great First Week of Classes!:

1. Please remember to purchase the lab manual by Tuesday
2. Syllabus Quiz due Thursday: Please turn in just the scantron
3. Although quizzes are unannounced we will "highly likely" have a quiz on Tuesday.
    Quiz will cover both lecture and lab material.  Please bring a 815 Quiz scantron sheet (15 questions). 
Remember I will not test require that you calculate Standard deviation or calculate a T value, but you should know the significance of these calculations (how/why they are used in science and the % significance).  You should be able to calculate means, gram molecular weights, molality and osmolality.  You should also be able to apply the concepts of negative and positive feedback, homeostasis, dissolution, solvent solute etc.  Lastly be ready to construct a graph (with rules of graphing) and use the graph.
4. You should complete the labs worksheets and study questions on lecure handouts (although I am not collecting them). 
5. You can review Metrics and Chemistry with the Chemistry worksheets (above) and the Metric lab 2b.
6. Lab 1 Data (pdf)

Have a great Labor Day holiday!
Welcome to Human Physiology Biology 48
5 units
Lecture 3 hours; Laboratory 6 hours, 2 lab hours by arrangement
Prerequisite: Completion of Human anatomy (bio47) and college chemistry course. 
Recommended preparation: Math 103 & 103R
Acceptable for credit: University of California, California State University

This course will cover principles and concepts of physiology through comprehensive study of the regulation, cellular function, and integration of the major body systems of the human body.

8/22/17 Class starts Aug. 29th  Be sure to show up the first day of lecture on Aug. 29th at 7:45am in SM36 followed by lab at 9:20am or 12:50pm in SM52. Anyone that misses the first day will be automatically dropped to allow students eager to add to have that opportunity.  ALL ADDS will be done in lab the following week.

Please purchase the lab manual from the Campus Bookstore before the second class meeting, Aug. 31st or download Lab 2

Things to do to get a head start :

1. Ready over Syllabus : You can down load a printable version of the Syllabus(pdf).

2. Take the Syllabus Quiz : Down load the quiz (SyllabusQuiz pdf.  )and answer the questions after reading.  You will be turning this in Sept 7th.

3. Complete the CHEMISTRY WORKSHEET contained in your lab manual appendix (or Download Chemistry Work Sheet (pdf.)): If you do not feel comfortable with the material you can review chapter 2 and 6 in your text book.  In addition many students have found helpful the optional text (An Introduction to Chemistry for Biology Students by  George Sackhein ; ISBN # 0-8053-3075-5).  The review sheet is designed to allow you to judge whether you have a basic knowledge of general chemistry.  If the review seems difficult or the terms seem completely foreign, I would suggest retaking a general chemistry course BEFORE attempting Physiology.  Make sure you are setting yourself up for success!

4. Read Lab ONE: You can down load a printable version of Lab ONE (pdf.)

5. Read Lab TWO: You can down load a printable version of Lab TWO(pdf.)

6. Read Lab Two a (2a) : Metric Supplement : Lab 2a (pdf)

7. Read Lab Two b (2b) : Microscope :Lab 2b (pdf)

8/22/17 ADDING:

The sections are both capped at 28.  Because we offered a summer section of Bio48 and we currently offering a night section, the afternoon section has plenty of space to accommodate student adds.  If you would like to add, please come to the afternoon lab starting at 12:50 in SM52.  Please be sure to also attend the morning lecture.   I will be adding to each section up to 30 students.  Students will be added strictly off of the waitlist first and then students if they are present the first week.   

1/21/16 Things to do the first week: 
1. Down load the Syllabus Quiz ; Due Thursday Sept 7th 2. Down load the Lecture Handout; Look in the lecture outline page (link above) , begin answering the study questions.
3. Complete the Student information / time management worksheet (Due Sept. 7th) handed out in class
3. Complete the Chemistry Work sheet  ; in lab manual appendix
4. Complete the Metric Supplement: In lab manual (Lab 2a (pdf))or you can down load by clicking the link
Purchasing Course Books: Several options are available to you: 

1. Viking Bookstore : West Valley Campus Bookstore: You can Purchase all of the books listed in the syllabus directly from the bookstore located  on West Valley campus. The bookstore also provides an online service ( so that you can reserve books & pick them up later or make arrangements for home delivery.   Unfortunately the laboratory manual can only be ordered from the campus bookstore.  It should be available one week before classes start.
Text Book: Human Physiology, 14th Edition, Stuart I. Fox, McGraw Hill, ISBN  #9780073403625                                                         teximage

Lab Manual : BIOLOGY 48 - Human Physiology Course Manual, WEST VALLEY COLLEGE, 
                        Biology Department; C. Peters-StantonBIo48F11_Cover

 Note: You may choose to use an alternate edition, but there will be differences in the graphics, tables, and clinical notes

2. Online Ordering : For ordering all materials except the laboratory manual.  Since the prices of texts books is definitely a concern you may want to look into purchasing textbooks from a less expensive internet vendor.  The only concern is how long it will take to deliver the text.  If you choose to order from an internet site and your text does not arrive when classes start you can keep up with the required reading by using the text on reserve in the library.   or or
 If you have knowledge of any other sources please let me know (email: Christine Peters-Stanton)

3. WVC Library (Reserve Desk) : The Library's reserve desk will have one copy of the current text book which can be checked out for 2 hour blocks of time.  Do not wait until the last minute to do your reading since others may also be relying on the reserve text for their reading.  The library is open M - Th 8:00am - 7:30pm , F 8:00 - 12 noon, S noon - 4:00   (408) 741-2028


8/22/17 Tutoring: Two choices

1. Free tutoring is available in the tutorial services at WVC.  Visit their web page to learn more.
2. If you would like to tutor Anatomy with tutorial services, please come see me.


Lab Data Acquisition Program: ADinstruments (LabChart)

This semester you will be using a data acquisition system to collect and analyze lab data on the classroom Macbooks.  You will be able to save your data for further analysis by copying the data onto a USB flash drive (you must provide) during lab and taking the data home to reveiw on your computer.  You must be sure to save your data in both Mac and PC formats (from the drop down menu in the save dialog box). 

You will need to download the FREE LabChart Reader software onto your computer available from ADinstruments:

Click on the link above navigate to the ADInstrument web site, down load either the MAC or PC(windows) versions.   To find out if your computer is able to use LabChart Reader, visit the ADInstruments Software system requirements page.

Remember to bring a USB flash drive to class if you want to take your data home and analyze it further.
Downloadable instructions (pdf) for saving data on the classroom computers

You will need Adobe Reader to view and print PDF documents.

4/11/16 Nice ECG vector animation found by one of your classmates. 
Clink link:
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