Biology 41 - Principles of Animal Biology

     It is possible that more than ten million different species of animals exist on our planet at the current time. The diverse assemblage of different animal species have always caught the attention of humans. This majors course will give you an opportunity to study the field of animal biology in more detail. After a fundamental excursion into ecology, biogeography and evolution we will venture into a survey of the enormous diversity of invertebrates and vertebrates on our planet. Their evolutionary relationships, taxonomy, structure and physiology will be covered. At the same time we will also use a comparative approach on how different animal taxa have solved their physiological problems such as gas exchange, movement and reproduction.  Current topics related to animals, their conservation and the environment will be integrated into the course throughout the semester. The class has a large laboratory component where you will get a chance to study animals and their diversity in more detail gaining valuable hands-on experience. In addition, you will participate in several field trips that will illustrate and enhance your learning experience in zoology. 

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Fall Semester 2013

Biology 41 Lecture/Lab: TTh 9:20-1:55 pm in SM35/SM56
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Bring to class on Tue September 3 - Owl Ecology

Read by Thu August 29  - Zoology Journal Primer

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