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 Bio 11 Lecture
Monday 12:30-1:55 pm
SM 34
Bio 11 Lab
Monday 2:05 - 5:15pm (43580)
SM 50
Bio 11 Lecture
Wednesday 12:30-1:55 pm
SM 34    
Bio 11 Lab
Wednesday 2:05 - 5:15pm (43581)
SM 50

Course Textbook:
Human Biology: Concept and Current Issues
Michael Johnson 6 edition
Michael Johnson 7 edition
human biology 6e
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"Within 24 hours, you will forget at least half of what was said in the lecture"

(Ace Center St. Charles Community College).

How to Take Effective Notes

One of the stated Student Learning Outcomes for this section is to focus on how you take notes in lecture and to work on how to improve the quality of lecture notes you take. Time spent on this skill will reap rewards not only in this class but in all other classes.

The West Valley College Tutorial Center has resources that exemplify how  notes should be taken in lecture and how to write up these notes making them into valuable learning tools. There is some degree of overlap between different sources (which suggests that the points repeated are worth repeating....), but notive that they all feature the same basic routine:

1. Come prepared
2. Take notes using a system that you understand
3. Write up your notes adding in details and filling in blanks within 24 hours of lecture..

St. Charles Community College
Cornell Note Taking Method
Cornell Note Taking Rubric

Cómo Tomar Apuntes en Clase

Good Listening in Class

Lecture Note Guide featuring examples and rubric

Midterm Study Guides.doc
Practice Exam
Midterm 1
Midterm 2
Midterm 3
Final Study Guide. doc  Final Study Guide. pdf
Cumulative Final     
Final Gradesheet - Monday Lab Section
Final Gradesheet - Wednesday Lab Section


Handouts .doc

 Study Questions .doc
Skeletal Lecture Outline .doc
Outline pdf. (Fall 13)

1 Introduction to Course

Chapter 1 Human Biology Science and Society
2 Science and Society
Science and Society
Chapter 2 Chemistry of Living Things
3 Chemistry of Living Things Chemistry of Living Things
Chapter 3 Structure and Function of Cells
4 Structure and Function of Cells Structure and Function of Cells

5 Metabolism
Chapter 4 From Cells to Organ Systems
6 From Cells to Organ Systems Tissues
Chapter 5 and 6 Bones and Muscles
7 Bones and Muscles Bones and Muscles
Chapter 7 Blood
8 Blood

Chapter 17A Cell Reproduction and Differentiation 9 Cell Division Cell Division
Chapter 17B Protein Synthesis 10 Gene Expression Protein Synthesis
Chapter 20 DNA Technology 11 DNA Technology
Chapter 19 Genetics and Inheritance 12 Inheritance

13 Complex Inheritance

Chapter 8 Heart and Blood Vessels 14 Heart and Blood Vessels
Chapter 10 Respiratory System 15 Respiratory System
Chapter 9 Immune System 16  Immune System
Chapter 14 Digestive System 17 Digestive System
Chapter 14 Nutrition 18 Nutrition
Chapter 11 Nervous System 19 Nervous System
Chapter  16 Reproductive Systems 20 and 21 Reproductive Systems
Chapter 12 Sensory Mechanisms 22 and 23 Sensory Mechanisms 
Chapter 24 Human Impacts, Biodiversity and Environmental Issues
24 and 25 Human Impacts



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