ENGR 21 Intro To Computing for Scientists and Engineers

Instructor: Ronnie Gerola, Information Technology Consultant

Email:   gerola+wvc@gmail.com    LinkedIn:   www.linkedin.com/in/ronniegerola

Corequisite: Math 3A or conc. Introduction to computer science using the C++ programming language, with a focus on science and engineering problems. Topics include program design, development, documentation, algorithms, and elementary data structures.

  General Class Information
  Fall 2014 Semester Class Meeting Schedule
  Assignment #1
  Assignment #2
  Assignment #3
  Assignment #4
  Assignment #5
  Assignment #6
  Final Exam Information

Using The Recommended C++ Programming Environment

  Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express, FREE DOWNLOAD (install "Visual C++ 2010 Express" ONLY; nothing else)
  Written instructions For Compiling a .cpp File with Visual C++ 2010 Express
  Video instructions For Compiling a .cpp File Using Visual C++ 2010 Express (YouTube)
  Another Video on Using Visual C++ (YouTube)
  Advanced C++ Programming Tools (NOT expected to use all these in our class!)

Misc. Instruction References

  Assignment Submittal Checklist
  Pseudocode Requirements for Assignment Submittal
  Reading-Writing Data From Files For The First Time
  Yahoo's C++ Reference Site Listings
  Sample C++ Tutorial - Just An Example, There Are Others On The Web
  Another Sample C++ Tutorial - Just An Example, There Are Others On The Web
  Selecting a Programming Language Made Easy
  Using the WVC Technology Center To Run Programs
  ENGR 021 Tutoring Services At WVC
  Pi Calculation Methods Part 1
  Pi Calculation Methods Part 2

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