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Welcome to California Geology
Spring 2006 Syllabus/schedule: M-W class
Spring 2006 Syllabus/schedule: T-Th class

This is a three-unit course in California geology.
This course provides an introduction to the study of the geologic development of California in space and time with emphasis on tectonic setting as indicated by sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks and associated faults, folds, and land forms. A background in Earth Science, although not required, will help the student considerably.

Field Trips
Point Reyes - San Francisco Field Trip

We will meet at 9 AM Lawson's Landing Campground Saturday Morning, May 13 (see map). The campground's Website is http://www.lawsonslanding.com/     Our first stop will be at the Nicassio Reservoir to observe the ocean floor (pillow basalt lava).  Our last stop will be either at Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge or Twin Peaks in San Francisco. The trip will end between 4 PM and 5 PM.

My cell phone number is 408-529-2778

If you intend to camp with us on Friday Night, find us at the Lawson's Landing Campground.  I will have my Minnie Winnie RV.  We will have a telescope for night sky observations. Not all of the campsites have fire pits.  If you have a portable fire pit, bring it with you.

Homework Exercises

- Radiometric Dating Exercise
Earthquake Exercise
Study Links
United States Geological Survey Learning Lab
>USGS Geology Glossary
Reading Assignments and Lecture Notes
Natural Provinces Lecture
Minerals Lecture
California Through Geologic Time Lecture
Study Questions
SQ 1: Natural Provinces
SQ 2: Plate Tectonics
SQ 03: Minerals
SQ 04: Igneous Rocks and Rock Cycle
SQ 05: Volcanic Rocks and Volcanoes
SQ 06: California's Young Volcanoes
SQ 07: Sedimentary Rocks
SQ 08: Geologic Time
SQ 09: Metamorphic Rocks and Mesozoic California
SQ 9a: Geologic Structures
SQ 10: Califonria Deserts
SQ 11: Basin and Range/Mojave
SQ 12: Rodina, TCM, Sierran Metamorphic Rocks, Uplift of Sierra
SQ 13: Sierran Batholith and Gold
SQ 14: Glaciers and Sierra Glaciation
SQ 15: Coast Ranges and Marine Terraces
SQ 17: San Andreas Fault System
SQ 18: Earthquakes and Faults
PowerPoint Lectures
Provinces: Lecture
Plate Tectonics: Lecture
Practice Exams
Exam 01
Exam 02
Exam 03
Exam 04
Exam 05
Some Field Trip Snapshots Photo opportunity at the HWY 9 overlook, Santa Cruz Mtns.

Exploring the Empire Cave, Santa Cruz summer 2001.

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