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Physical Geology: 4 units Lecture/Lab

General Information
Professor Robert Lopez
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Fall 2006 Syllabus and Schedule
Welcome to Physical Geology. This is a four-unit course in physical geology with a laboratory section. This course provides an introduction to the field of science as applied to the study of the nature, properties, and distribution of earth materials; how the material formed, changes, and moves throughout the earth; how landscapes develop. It is designed to serve both the non-science major and those students intending to major in the earth sciences.

Field Trips

Point Lobos State Reserve: Thursday and Friday, October 19 and 20
Both days are identical. Sign up for either the Thursday or Friday trip. Our geologic mapping project will be at Point Lobos Marine Reserve in Carmel, CA. We will be meeting at Point Lobos at 10 AM. By attending the field trip you will partially complete the research project for the course (40%).  The remaining 60% of the project will be to complete the final geologic map and write the geologic history report for the Point Lobos area. We will finish by 4 PM.

READ AND PRINT THE Pt. Lobos Pre-trip exercise. We will have a quiz on this reading material.
Download and print the Pt. Lobos FIELD exercise. You will need this for the field trip.
Check out this link Point Lobos State Reserve

Study Links
USGS Geology Glossary

Internet Assignments

Study Questions
Exam I
- Minerals
- Intro to Phys. Geology
- Igneous Rocks and Rock Cycle

Exam II
sedimentary rocks

Exam III
geologic time
geologic structures and geologic maps

Exam IV: Final
Sea Floor
Physical Properties of Earth's Interior
Earthquakes and Faults
Plate Tectonics, Continental Drift and Seafloor Spreading

Power Point Lectures
(in .pdf format)

- Intro to Geology
- Minerals
- Igneous Rocks
- Volcanoes
- Sedimentary Rocks
- Earth's Interior
- Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics
- Glaciers
- Geologic Time
- geologic structures
- streams
- groundwater
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