Biology 47 is a five unit, semester lecture and laboratory course that will introduce you to many of the fundamental concepts in human anatomy. It is an in depth study of the microscopic and macroscopic structures of the human body systems. These topics will be introduced through lecture and laboratory demonstrations and activities. The laboratory portion of the class will include the examination and study of models, histological slides, preserved and unpreserved animal materials and human cadavers.
The course is designed to satisfy the anatomy requirements for degrees in Nursing, Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, Dental Hygiene, Dentistry, Human Performance, Occupational Therapy, and others. It is acceptable for credit by the University of California and the CaliforniaStateUniversities 

Lab WILL Meet first week of classes
                              Fall 2018    

 2:05-3:30 pm SM 36
Lab CRN 75190 MW 10:55-2:05 pm  SM 58
CRN 75191 MW 3:45-5:55 pm  SM 58

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