Required Text:

*Human Anatomy (8th Edition) Martini, F.H.,M.J. Timmons and M.P. McKinley. Prentice Hall, New Jersey, 2015. ( ISBN: 978-0321-90285-6


* Biology 47 - Human Anatomy Laboratory Manual Fall 2016. Chimps Publishing; West Valley College Biology Department, C. Peters

Recommended Texts:

*A Photographic Atlas for the Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory (2nd) ; Van de Graff  and Crawley, Morton Publishing Co., Englewood, CO.

*The Human Anatomy Coloring Book (2nd) Kapit, W. and L.M. Elison, Harper Collins Publishing Co., New York, NY. ISBN: 0805350861

*Human Anatomy Color Atlas & Text (3rd) Gosling, Harris, Humperson, Whitmore and Wilan, Mosby-Wolfe Publishing Co., London.
   ISBN: 0723426570


*Dictionary of Word Roots and Combining Forms. Borror, D.J., Mayfield Publishing Co. ISBN: 0874840538

Skeletal System
Cranial Nerves
Brain Lab
Senses Lab


General Biology

Biology Online
Online Biology Book
The Biology Project
The Inner Life of a Cell

Anatomical Terminology
Mr Ford's youtube
Directional terms youtube
Body Organization


LUMEN Histology
Histology World
Blue Histology
Histology- University of Oklahoma
JayDoc HistoWeb
Histology- Southern Illinois University
Tissues- Lakeland Community College
Histology- University of Wisconsin


Structure of bone
Bone Model
Bone Quiz

Movement Animations
Movements (Please note inversion & eversion are incorrect)
Synovial Joint Movement Animations
Types of Synovial Joints
Knee Ligament Animation


Muscle Anatomy & Contraction
Muscle Structure & Contraction
Muscle Excitation & Muscle Contraction
Mechanisms of Sliding Filament Theory
Sarcomere Structure
Skeletal Muscle Contraction
Muscle Contraction
Neuromuscular Junction
Muscle Animations 1
Muscle Animations 2
Muscle Structure Animations 3
Get Body Smart
Palmaris longus
Cadaver Ball

Heart Images
Mitral valve replacement
How the heart works
Blood flow through the heart
Anatomy- UC Davis
General Anatomy & Physiology
Dissection Videos
Medical Atlases
Anatomy Tutorials

Voting Resources          

Secretary of State voter guide- Detailed information on California election and voter information
Rock the Vote- Register to vote Register to vote online
Can I Vote- Information on whether you are registered to vote, Information on finding your polling place, Information on what ID you may need to bring

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Information on voting rights
Easy Voter Guide    General information about what is on the ballot, where to vote    
League of Women Voters of California Education Fund-  Detailed information on ballot measures including supporters/opponents and funding

Who are my elected officials?
House of Representatives
Senate Information on current legislation in the house and senate Contact information of elected officials
State and Local Government- Directory of state, county and city government webpages

Other places to find information-
Sierra club
ACLU of Northern California

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