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I'm Al Mingione and I teach beginning IS and MIS students. The purpose of this website is to provide the sophmore IS or MIS student with a resource to help them learn about the opportunites available in the information technology industry. When we developed this site, we interviewed students to find out what they wanted to know as individuals who were just getting started in this field. We wanted to know their concerns and questions.

They told us they needed more information on career opportunities, industry trends and professional organizations. Instead of providing you with just a list of links, we have separated the content into several different areas. We have reviewed each of the sites listed and we have included comments on what we thought was particularily strong at that site.

We would also encourage you to use the feedback form to send us your comments on how we could improve the site. You can also use the feedback form to report any links that aren't working. Because we are linking to external sites if they change the address of their page or take a particular page down it will result in a broken link on this site.

Each semester we will have the opportunity to add or change the content of these webpages to better suit the needs of our students. If you find site that offers real value to a beginning IS or MIS student, please share it with us.

What is a system intern?

A system intern is a system analyst waiting to happen. A system intern is usually a student or an apprentice learning on the job to become a system analyst.

A system analyst is a person who possesses certain abilities and attitudes to solve business problems using information technology. A good analyst requires evidence to arrive at a recommended solution. The evidence is presented as a performance contract and the solution is presented as a set of blueprints to build an information system to solve a business problem.

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