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Cheryl Hackworth, Ph.D.
Biology Department 
West Valley Community College 

Office: SM 55C
Phone: (408) 741-2562
Courses Taught at West Valley College
          Biology 10 Lecture - Introduction to Biology (4 units)
          Biology 10 Lab - Introduction to Biology (in conjunction with Biology 10 Lecture)
          Biology 21H - Honors Genetics (4 units)
          Biology 23 - Infectious Disease (3 units)
          Biology 24 - Contemporary Biology (3 units)
          Biology 36 - Animal Behavior (3 units)
          Biology 42 - Plant Biology, lecture and lab (5 units)
          Biology 43 - Cell Biology, lecture and lab (5 units)
          Biology 45 - Microbiology, lecture and lab (5 units)

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