Addresses on System Topics
By Al Mingione

Topic Presented to:
Object Technology
  • ASM/DPMA Santa Clara Chapter
Information Resource Management
  • GMIS Conference, Nevada
  • UNESCO Coference, Moscow, USSR
  • BASIC Silicon Valley Chapter
  • ASM Reno Chapter, Nevada
  • ASM Utah Chapter, Utah
  • Joint Professional Societies Consortium
  • EDP Auditors, Silicon Valley Chapter
  • DPMA San Diego Chapter
  • ARMA, Silicon Valley Chapter
  • ASM Division 21 Regional Conference
  • HFMA Systems Seminar, Oakland
  • Santa Clara Chapter ASM, CA
Automation Needs In Municipal Courts
  • Judicial Council of California
Distributive Data Processing
  • Santa Clara Chapter ASM, CA
  • San Francisco Chapter ASM, CA
Documentation Blueprints for
System Development
  • San Franciso Chapter ASM, CA
  • Santa Clara Chapter ASM, CA
  • Houston Chpater ASM, Texas
  • Division 21 ASM, San Franciso
EDP Challenges
  • Bay Area Municipal Courts, CA
  • Golden Gate University, Management Center
Introduction to Computers
  • Santa Clara medical Society, CA
Information Systems in USSR
  • East Bay ASM Chapter
  • Santa Clara ASM Chapter
Programming Documentation
  • BM Technical Center, San Francisco
Structured Systems Analysis
  • Santa Clara Chapter ASM, CA