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General Information

Welcome to Historical Geology. Course Syllabus and Lecture Schedule

This is a three-unit course in historical geology. A laboratory section is offered (Click here for Historical Geology Lab web page). By enrolling in the lab section, you can satisfy the physical science with lab requirement! If you are at all interested in a physical science major, the more courses with lab sections, the better. So, if you have not signed up for the lab, ask me for an add slip. This course provides an introduction to the evolution of earth and life with emphasis on the North American Continent. It is designed to serve both the non-science major and those students intending to major in the earth sciences.

Field Trips
Field trips are worth 25 extra credit points. You can come to both trips, but you can only get a maximum of 25 extra credit points.

San Francisco/Pt. Reyes National Sea Shore Trip:
The field trip will cover geology along the San Andreas Fault in San Francisco and Marin County.
Check out this web page on the Geology of Pt. Reyes done by Jim Locke from College of Marin. Also, check out the National Park Service Website

Some Downloads for this class
timescl.pdf GSA Time Scale in Acrobat Reader .pdf format
Geological Society of America Geologic Column.

Check out this link to time scale mnemonic Time scale with Mass Extinctions

Homework Assignments: Web Assignments and Down-loadable files/text.
Week 1:Chamberlin's Method of Multiple working Hypotheses! Answer the questions linked to the left.
Week 2:Fossils, Rocks, and Time. This is a good general background for geologic time.
Diversity of Life and Fossils:Invertebrates Lab. Read through this lab and listen to how these organisms are pronounced. We will be looking at some of these fossils in room SM47 later in the semester- Some of these fossils will be on our exam.
Go to Macrofossils Exercise and print out this page.
Study Links
United States Geological Survey Learning Lab
USGS Geology Glossary
Study Questions
Chapter 1
Earth as a System, Basic Concepts on Geology, Time, the Scientific Method
Chapter 1 wrap-up, Chapter 2: minerals Link to Minerals notes
Chapter 2: Igneous Rocks
Chapter 2: Sedimentary Rocks
Chapter 3: Diversity of Life
Chapter 3: Fossils, Fossilization, etc.
Chapter 4: Environments of Life
Chapter 7: Darwin and Fossil Record
EXAM III (for J. Cooks Class - Fall 2006)
Chapter 9: Continental Tectonics
Chapter 6: Geologic Time
Click here for more Relative Time Exercises

Chapter 11: Origins and the Archean Eon
Chapter 12: Assembly of North America
Chapter 12: Proterozoic World
Chapter 13: Tectonics of East Laurentia
Chapter 12,13,14,15: Neocambrian to Late Paleozoic Life
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